Monday, May 21, 2012


You are talking up a storm. Some of your favorite phrases:
-come on (insert name here) as you wave your hand or grab the person
-STOP IT! We love this because we have no idea where you learned to say this
-LEAVE ME ALONE! again, not sure where you got this
-Ready (you wait for us to say SET) GO!
-Stop! as you put your hand out to show stop. You do this when we are driving
-GO! again, when we are driving
-you have this laugh. This silly cackle where you show all of your teeth and smile with a wrinkly nose.
-I want down. I want up.
-Look at me.
-I'm meeeeee! when we ask you what your name is
-when we say: who's pretty, who's sweet, who's a good girl you say MEEEEEEE!
-you sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star with us and it's so sweet
-sometimes when you are trying to make a point, or tell us something sassy you put your pointer finger up and talk
-hmmmmm and then you put your finger by your mouth when you are thinking. Sometimes you roll your eyes up to your head

we love you and love hearing you talk.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


you love dogs. so much so that it makes me a little sad that you will never have your own dog until you are living on your own. Anytime you see a dog you say
"When I grow up, I am going to get that dog" At this point, you are going to have a large dog pound with all the dogs you are apparently going to get.

If anyone has a dog in their house, you are their instant friend.

I hope one day you will forgive Daddy and I for not wanting to have a dog for a pet.

Cooper and school sayings

As I have said before, you LOVE school. My favorite parts of your day are when you tell me something that clearly your teacher has had to repeat to the class many times.
-is this a story or a question
-we don't say _____________ butt, disgusting, stupid, the list goes on and on
-I took a "no thank you" bite


We put you in your own bed about 2 months ago. you are so cute when it is time to go to sleep. You hum this sweet little voice and play with your feet like when you were a baby. There are many nights that Daddy takes a nap with you because you fight falling asleep.


I love watching always have your legs crossed or your ankles crossed when you are sitting.
When your hair is in your face the way you rub it out of your way with your whole hand
When someone is leaving you wave and say "bye" blow a kiss and say "see you 'morrow"
Your "cheese" smile face/smile is the best!!!!

You love your brother, but don't put up with his torture. You both love to play together and watch shows together-Strawberry Shortcake "shortcake", Super Why.

You call Cooper "Buddy" because that is what Mommy and Daddy call him sometimes. Even if we say for you to say "Cooper" you still say "Buddy"

You are a fiesty little thing. My Mommy always told me "just you wait until you have kids" Well, little lady, I have met my match. When you are not happy you are so hard to calm down and try to distract. The binky often calms you down, but we are trying to break you of that habit. When you get mad Daddy and I can't help buy laugh a little because you do it in true fashion: Stomp your feet, throw yourself to the ground and get so tense.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


WOW you are turning into a little man! Some of our favorite things you say:

-you ask a ton of questions every day. It keeps us on our toes.
-you LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs. The odds of you ever getting your own dog while you are a kid is slim. Any dog you see you say that you want that dog. We have told you that you can get your own dog when you are a grown up and have your own house. It is your favorite thing to tell people.
-You watch movies and will remember scenes of what has happened and ask over and over "why" did it happen.
-You love Nora. We call her "sassy pants" but you call her "fancy pants".

Sunday, November 6, 2011


You aren't a child who has a "security" toy. Thank goodness because we loose things a lot and I'd hate to be in charge of your favorite things. Instead you find a new item every few days/weeks that is your favorite. Recently it is a huge stuffed dog that you carry around with your blanket in the morning. Daddy and I laughed the first time you tried to bring it to bed with us early in the morning wake ups that you give.